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Council DXP

Helping LGAs to Effectively Manage Their Own Website and Online Interactions

Council DXP is a cloud-based digital experience platform built specifically for local government agencies (LGA) to effectively manage their own website and online interactions. It is a professional, fully functional, and fully supported content management system CMS, that will future-proof a LGA's online presence for many years to come.

Council DXP is built on the Siteglide platform but also includes:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – cloud-based infrastructure (hosting)

  • platformOS – enables the secure implementation of the AWS architecture (operating system)

Features of Council DXP

Document Management

  • Easy access to policies and procedures

  • Has a built-in file manager enabling in-house users to manage documents, images and other files

  • Supports the management of workplace processes, procedures and registers

  • Manages document authoring

  • Manages approvals and distribution of key compliance documentation

  • Has built-in module for capture and storage of digital assets

Collaboration and Workflows

  • Easy access to key data with a single source of truth

  • Creates one view of employees, contractors, managers in one system regardless of location

  • Automates actions and business processes via workflows

Analytics and Reporting

  • Monitor key metrics

  • Dashboards with instant snapshots of key metrics

  • Generates analytics, reporting tools, tracking and monitoring via APIs, alerts and Power BI

Access and Permissions

  • Staff, contractor and public

  • Has a built-in Secure Zone functionality (Secure Zones enables admin users to lock their content within different zones to only be accessed by users who have been granted access to each zone)

  • Mobile-friendly and supports handheld devices, plus different operating systems


  • Data protection

  • Includes enterprise-grade security via Siteglide’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and platformOS - robust security policies and processes

Future-Proof Your LGA's Online Presence

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