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Digital Transformation Assessments

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A Digital Transformation Assessment is usually undertaken as a face-to-face meeting, or if the client is unable to attend a face-to-face meeting it can be conducted online via video conference. At the meeting, data is entered directly into the online tool and collated accordingly. After the Assessment is completed, a digital transformation plan is provided which outlines a digital vision, recommended digital solutions, a roadmap of priorities, and a plan for successful execution. The client also then receives a comprehensive digital solution plan for one of the recommended digital solutions which would include a scope, timeline, and resources needed for implementation.

The main elements of a Digital Transformation Assessment are outlined below.

Digital Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the organisation's capabilities, challenges, opportunities, and how digital technologies can assist the organisation's business goals:

  • Key business information

  • External issues and business goals

  • Business and technology current state analysis

  • Business capability improvement

  • Digital transformation improvement

  • Technology capability improvement

  • SWOT analysis

  • Key technology information

  • Digital maturity assessment

  • Digital maturity score

  • Digital maturity category results

  • Digital maturity action plan

  • Digital maturity development projects

Digital Strategy Plan

A comprehensive digital strategy plan that provides a digital vision, recommended digital solutions, a roadmap of priorities and a plan for successful execution:

  • Scope the digital vision

  • Digital strategy vision statement

  • Digital adoption analysis and recommendations

  • Digital strategy roadmap

  • Digital strategy execution plan

The digital strategy plan includes a strong vision statement, a business map with areas to focus on, a roadmap with clear quarterly targets (and costings), an execution plan which outlines the strategy, people, process, platform, applications, information, and risk assessment. A scorecard includes targets, estimated costs, and responsibilities, and milestones key achievements.

Digital Solution Plan

A comprehensive plan of one digital solution with scope, timeline plan and the resources needed for implementation:

  • Digital solution project vision statement

  • Digital solution project timeline plan

  • Digital solution project execution plan