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About Managed IT

Managed IT is a reputable, IT managed services provider based in Perth, Western Australia. The company faced the challenge of lacking internal marketing resources to promote itself and extend its outreach to new prospects. Managed IT aimed to maintain and strengthen its relationship with current clients and generate leads to form new associations with potential clients. While lead generation was a primary objective, Managed IT also recognised the importance of creating relevant content, participating in industry events, and engaging with other stakeholders in the industry.

Engaging Ad Campaigns

Our campaigns are curated around deep research and a solid understanding of our client’s industry. Our design team create attention-grabbing concepts that professionally reflect the client’s brand. Managed IT’s latest paid ad campaigns have been supported by animated graphics, professional landing pages and targeted mail-outs. All these features, along with a strong outcome-focused approach, build a well-rounded campaign with lasting impressions.

Our team manage the campaigns from conception to outcome. For Managed IT, their target audience segments include government sectors, not-for-profits and small to medium organisations. Through LinkedIn ads we have run fine-tuned, targeted campaigns for each of these audiences.

Managed IT Ad Campaigns
Managed IT Landing Pages

Landing Pages

All our campaigns for Managed IT are supported by custom landing pages designed and developed by our team. These pages focus on impact and outcome. Information and statistics are tailored to the target audience, with a strong emphasis on the next step. Whether that is signing up for a complimentary service, an exclusive offer, or simply entering their contact details, our marketing services build an engaging customer journey from start to finish.

Personalised Email Marketing

Utilising the Mailchimp platform, Managed Digital has created custom templates, newsletters and email campaigns, to boost Managed IT’s engagement with their existing clients and generate new leads. Our mail-outs are designed professionally and practically, with the recipient in mind. We keep our campaigns short and sweet, focusing on the content that matters most.

Through Mailchimp we also design and manage newsletters for existing Managed IT clients. Company updates, community news and exclusive offers, all help strengthen Managed IT’s client relationships and engagement.

Managed IT Mailouts
Managed IT Social Posts

Curated Blog and Social Posts

We have generated engaging social media content for Managed IT that resonates with their target audience, drives brand awareness and thought leadership. Through careful analysis of their brand values and target audience, we have crafted a content strategy that focuses on storytelling, industry news, and customer success stories. By sharing stories of how their IT solutions have helped businesses overcome challenges and improve operations, we have created an emotional connection with their audience and positioned Managed IT as a trusted industry leader.

We have also used high-quality visuals such as infographics and videos to capture the audience's attention and increase engagement. Our content encourages audience participation through polls and questions, inviting them to share their own experiences and engage with the brand.

Through ongoing monitoring of social media analytics, we have been able to identify which types of content perform best and adjust our content strategy accordingly. Overall, our engaging social media content has helped them build a stronger online presence and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

Data Tracking & Statistics

Analysing a company's social media statistics is an essential part of evaluating the success of its social media strategy. By reviewing key metrics such as engagement rate, reach, and follower growth, we can identify trends and patterns to then adjust their social media marketing tactics accordingly. On a monthly basis, we generate a report for Managed IT so that they can track their data and see the results from our marketing efforts and online presence.


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