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Workplace Transitions

The way we work today is different. While our work lives are more flexible, they’re also more complex. Employees want (and need) flexible or remote options, and businesses are navigating many new challenges in moving employees to a more permanent remote or hybrid work setting.  

Hybrid Work

Extreme digital dexterity will ultimately be the guideline for how employees work. Increasing demands for a more automated workplace have sparked the killer combo of people and technology.

But there are shadowy aspects of future work-life balance. As technology closes the divide between geographically separate people, it introduces cracks in relationships and cultures. The remote distribution of work means that many employees will not build the same social relationships in the workplace, leading to issues of disengagement and loneliness.

CEOs and HR leaders must work together to ensure work-life balance swings back and forth for each employee as their work distribution, time and life stages change. The ability to peer into the future will make work infinitely easier for HR leaders.

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